6 Stunning Deck Patterns with Ipe Decking: From Easy to Advanced Designs

6 Stunning Deck Patterns with Ipe Decking: From Easy to Advanced Designs

Deck building can be an expensive venture, but there are ways to keep the costs low without sacrificing the overall look of your deck. One of the simplest methods is to utilize simple decking patterns. By using a basic pattern, you can save money on materials and installation while still creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

One of the easiest patterns to use is the Transition Board pattern. This pattern involves laying a board perpendicular to the rest of the deck, breaking up the monotony and allowing you to use shorter board lengths. Another simple pattern is the Picture Frame, which adds a little extra framing around the edge of the deck to create a custom look. These two patterns are perfect for those who want a subtle twist on the traditional deck pattern.

For those who want something a bit more interesting, the Patchwork and Herringbone patterns are moderate in difficulty and can add a unique touch to your deck. The Patchwork pattern is an expanded version of the once-popular parquet flooring and can be created using shorts on your project. The Herringbone pattern looks like a chevron pattern, but requires fewer angled cuts and is made by placing short boards at a 45-degree angle.

For those who want to take their deck pattern to the next level, the Chevron with Transition Board and the ATX Pattern are both great options. The Chevron with Transition Board pattern adds transition boards to the traditional chevron pattern, making the pattern options endless while still allowing you to use shorts. The ATX Pattern, designed by the experts at Ipe Decking USA, is a one-of-a-kind pattern that creates a seamless look, perfect for large commercial or residential projects.

Using simple decking patterns can save you money while still allowing you to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Whether you choose a Transition Board, Picture Frame, Patchwork, Herringbone, Chevron with Transition Board, or ATX pattern, you’ll have a stunning deck that will envy your neighborhood. Choose the pattern that best fits your style, budget, and experience level, and start building your dream deck today!

#1 Transition Board

Simplicity is key, and this is perhaps the simplest. The transition board running down the rest of the deck offers a subtle change to the classic deck pattern while allowing you to use shorter board lengths. Shorter board lengths are often less expensive also. It also helps in creating division between various sections of the deck. To add interest, consider using a different colored product or stain for the transition board.

#2 Picture Frame

Try including a picture frame around the deck’s edge; this separates the transition board from the picture frame design. The picture frame adds a touch of customization to your project while saving you money. Consider using a different colored product or stain for the frame for extra pizzazz.

#3 Herringbone

The Herringbone deck pattern resembles a chevron pattern but requires fewer angled cuts. Short boards at a 45-degree angle can create a beautiful look that makes your project stand out. Remember that placing boards at an angle requires you to shorten your framing span.

#4 Patchwork

The expanded version of the once popular parquet flooring, the Patchwork deck pattern, is great for using short boards in your project. This pattern delivers an exceptional look with some added framing, especially on large deck surfaces. To enhance the pattern, use a different colored product or species on some squares.

The framing for this deck pattern can be challenging, so seek expert advice.

#5 ATX Pattern

For a more challenging project, Ipe Decking USA designed the ATX Pattern, a one-of-a-kind pattern using only short boards. Inspired by the eclectic roots of Austin, TX, this pattern is sure to impress. Ideal for large commercial or residential projects, the ATX creates a smooth pattern that can cover any size area beautifully.

#6 Chevron With Transition Board

Combine a chevron deck pattern with transition boards for endless possibilities. The transition boards allow for versatile pattern options while still permitting the use of short boards. Choose to carry the chevron pattern across the entire deck or use straight boards in some sections. Adding a different colored product or stain for the transition boards can elevate the custom look of your project.