5 Reasons: Why You Should Choose Brazilian Hardwoods

5 Reasons: Why You Should Choose Brazilian Hardwoods

1. What a Nice Deck You Have

Besides giving you a nice place to barbeque and hang out during the summer, the whole point of a deck is to make your house look better.  A deck made of ipe or garapa wood does that in spades.

2. On the lighter side

Many of our exotic hardwoods have beautiful, deep rich tones and colors.  But sometimes you just want to lighten things up. Garapa is the perfect wood for that.  Its light color gives garapa its other name—Brazilian ash. But if you want a darker color to choose Ipe also known as Brazilian Walnut.

Its light color makes it stand out from among all the dark-colored decks you see everywhere you look.

3. Appearances can be deceiving

Some may look at the color and think it’s on the weak side. And that’s where you’d be wrong.  Garapa is, after all, a hardwood from South America, in the family with ipe and cumaru. It’s true that garapa isn’t as hard as ipe—the king of South American hardwoods—but it’s still miles beyond the hardness of oak and cedar, two of the most popular woods for decking.

For all its light color, garapa is tough.  It can last for years, perhaps even as long the life of your house.  With proper maintenance, it last and look good as the day it was installed.

4. Low maintenance

Just like its cousins, other exotic, South American hardwoods, garapa is a super dense wood that is as tough as nails.  Its dense nature makes it immune to rot, the enemy of many other kinds of wood.

Like many hardwoods from South and Central America, if you do nothing to color it, the wood will age to a beautiful silver gray patina.  Without oils to keep it the original color, it will look as beautiful as if you had lovingly applied oils to it regularly.

If you want the wood to keep that original light tan color, all you need to do is add the proper oil to the boards of your deck.  When putting it on, be careful not to overdo it. Its dense nature keeps it from absorbing oils too quickly. But like anything, if you follow instructions you’ll do just fine.  The only question is how do you want it to look?

5. Lower Cost

If your budget doesn’t allow you to go with ipe, garapa makes an equally beautiful and sturdy deck at a much lower cost.

Here at ipedecking.net, we specialize in exotic hardwoods such as ipe and garapa and we can help you create a beautiful deck that will complement your home and everything you want it to be.  Give us a call, and we will help guide you to the best looking deck for your house and budget.​​