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Ipe Education Center

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Ipe Wood

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Deck Accessories

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Ipe Wood Decking

Welcome to Ipe Decking USA

Lowest Ipe Decking Prices Online

Not only do we sell the highest quality FAS grade! But also at the lowest prices. Ipe fluctuates in price based on import, market demand, and availability we sell Ipe however as low as $1.80/lf for 1×6 material (3′-7′).

Shipped Direct to Job Site

We ship all ipe direct to your job site. This is part of our commitment to you. No need to hassle with the shipping details. Carriers will set an appointment at your job site or home.

Our Products

CAMO® Universal Deck Clips (900 ct)

CAMO Universal Deck Clips (900 ct) made to work as an Ipe hidden clip system and with other types of wood.

900 Count = 500 Square Feet

The CAMO® Clip works with most grooved deck boards for a beautiful, barefoot-friendly surface. Installation is quick and easy with automatic 1/4″ gapping. This stainless steel clip and fastener provides maximum durability and security and with a Limited Lifetime Warranty,


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CAMO® Edge Deck Fastening System – CAMO® Marksman Pro Tool

CAMO®’s New Edge Hidden Fastener System . There is no less expensive method for hidden fastening that we know of than this. But that low cost doesn’t mean that it is low quality. This system works beautifully and is a great way to secure a deck.
1. The only cost you have is the screws and the tool.
2. Makes it easier to replace and repair screws in the future.
3. Reduce installation time.
5. Save money by not having to buy pre-grooved boards!
6. More sturdy, especially for 1x material.

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Ipe Decking Ordering Online

First, beware of low-quality boards. You aren’t buying the best of the best just so you can end up with sub-par boards! We are the best Ipe decking source, offering the highest quality F.E.Q. (meets or exceeds FAS) exquisite Brazilian hardwood materials for decking. Our main goal is to offer high quality and durable materials for decking, fencing, siding and various other projects. Our customer service team is very friendly and always willing to help to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have hundreds of shipping terminals where you can collect your product upon delivery or better still we ship the product directly to your home or job site. Many people are choosing us and it not just because of our excellent customer service and the quality of the product we sell but also because we guarantee the lowest prices.
Most often, Brazilian Ipe wood is misspelled as epay; however, the correct spelling is Ipe and its pronunciation is “E-pay”

Always remember that Ipe wood is the most distinguished hardwood decking material all over the world and is best for outdoor applications. Ipe supersedes all artificial materials and other natural woods.

We had to include “Ipe” in our company name because actually, Ipe is the best material for outdoor applications. Although we offer other alternative decking materials, the truth is that we recommend Ipe due to its quality, durability and also from a numbers perspective. Our company name, therefore, echoes our strong conviction about Ipe lumber. We are committed to ensuring you receive the most superior quality lumber. You can find more details about Ipe on our facts segment; we have also shared a number of videos.

Be on the lookout for Misleading Information
The wood industry is surrounded by loads of misleading information.
Some companies actually, promote their products by claiming to be selling Ipe that has been sourced sustainably. Nevertheless, several companies including Ipe Decking USA always ensure that the Ipe we use is sourced sustainably. Very few companies can actually guarantee this. To be sure about this fact you can also ask to get a confirmation in writing.  Companies that claim to be the mill and yet they contract other mills for milling services. Watch out for low-quality grades, or grades like “premium” that are not recognized industry-wide.

At Ipe Decking USA You Can Always Expect

⦁ Boards milled to your project requirements
⦁ Fast shipping of orders
⦁ Wood sourced responsibly in Brazil
⦁ Top quality wood (First European Quality) – Matches or surpasses the FAS rating and we will put it on your invoice!
⦁ Direct sales from our U.S.A. based warehouse (you can also request products directly Brazil; however this takes sixty days)
⦁ Customer friendly personnel that will not intimidate you into buying a product
⦁ Long-lasting genuine Ipe decking
⦁ Best price guarantee!*
⦁ The most durable wood; it can last for more than 75 years.
⦁ Requires very little maintenance; actually, if you love it in grey then it would need zero maintenance.
⦁ Naturally resistant to bugs. Ipe wood is extremely dense that it cannot be infested even by termites.
⦁ More long-lasting and lower maintenance than composite materials.
⦁ Great for docks and pools since it is very dense and water cannot penetrate through it.
⦁ Natural resistance to scratch.
⦁ Among the hardest woods in the world; it is even harder than White Oak.
⦁ Suitable for all outdoor applications
⦁ Among the world’s strongest woods.
⦁ Fire-rating up to Class A just like steel and concrete.
⦁ Natural resistance to Mold and Fungi.
⦁ Natural resistance to slip.
⦁ Possible to mill the wood to just about any measurement.
⦁ Established to be the most suitable material for both residential and commercial applications.
⦁ Extremely dense in its natural form that splinters are hardly existent
⦁ Among the woods with the lowest lifetime and annual costs
⦁ Can be used with nearly every hidden fastener system

Actually, it is very difficult to keep abreast of every type of exquisite hardwood decking material available as well as their characteristics unless you have an interest in the wood industry. There are numerous wood materials available in the market and Ipe Decking USA offers more than 30 different wood materials. With all the different wood materials in the market; how does one determine which material one is better than the other? Actually, the three most important aspects to consider are longevity, resistance and maintenance. Here is a good video about Ipe wood.